About Us

Corporate Address:
#140, 4th Floor, Opposite to Palace Ground, Fun World, J C Nagar, Bangalore – 560 006

Business Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM (Monday to Friday)

Phone: +91 080 41540692

Our Story

Shoba Hotels has earned a reputation for being an innovative and growth-oriented hospitality business with a clear focus on service quality and customer satisfaction. We have developed distinct capabilities in providing lodging provisions to customers of all types, ranging from leisure travellers and casual visitors to business visitors and corporate clients.

With a clear focus on the corporate sector and a mission to become a leading provider of corporate accommodation in the country, we have developed a business model that is appealing to both corporate and leisure clients. Shoba Hotels has expanded its presence in Bengaluru from a single business class hotel to seven lodging establishments and food and beverage businesses across the state.
We are continuously expanding our presence in the state and heading for country-wide expansion plans with a steady focus on our people, customers, and other stakeholders.

Beyond hospitality, Shoba Hotels is part of Shoba Group, which has wider business interests, including a chain of Supermarkets & Hypermarkets, PG Accommodations, Rental Apartments, Granite Factory, Textile Showrooms, Real Estate, etc.

Management Team

With more than 15 years of growth, Shoba Hotels is managed and operated by skilled and expert professionals. Rapid growth require strong skills and expertise.

Meet our management team responsible for operating Shoba Hotels.

Dr. Ashraf AK (Managing Director)

A self made business man, who is the founder of Shoba group, Dr. Ashraf AK is a business man and social worker based in Bengaluru. A serial entrepreneur, Dr. Ashraf started his first business in 1998. Dr Ashraf now owns and operates many businesses. His ventures now span across textile, retail, construction, and hospitality.

Binoj ET (General Manager)

After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management from Bangalore University, Binoj ET has worked with several hotels and resorts within and outside India. With 10+ years of experience in hospitality, food and beverage, and business management, Binoj ET now spearheads the brand Shoba Hotels as the Group General Manager.

Sujin Joseph (Operations)

Mr. Joseph secured a Masters in International Business Management from the University of Bedfordshire, UK, after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management from Bangalore University. With 10+ years of experience in Business Management, Hospitality Management, Sales & Marketing, and Customer Service, Sujin Joseph is now the Group Operations Manager at Shoba Hotels.

Awards & Recognitions

Being an award-winning hospitality business changes the business equations, making us a very responsible business with a clear strategy on delivering innovating service solutions in our hospitality establishments. With strong operational excellence and marketing expertise, people at Shoba Hotels work together hand in hand to achieve this goal of delivering exceptional experiences to our customers. We were also recognised for our service excellence and focus on customer satisfaction.